Company Profile


We have established a new company "Ninao Corporation"on the 7th of July,2000 in the midst of Japanese economical recession. However its technical background based on 30 years experience cultivated in the previous company "Nippon National Airoil Burner Co., Ltd." which had been closed on the middle of May, 2000.
We will take over the all technical know-how of flare system & vent system & incinerator system and other combustion system of previous company and devote our effort to develop new technology and in a near future we are sure to be one of the leading company in this area in the world.

Our company vision are,

  1. to be a top class company in the world. with original and innovational technology
  2. to be a always inventive and evolutional company
  3. to be the most enhancement company of personal ability and his independence
  4. to be a always progressive company to the vision with a united front
  5. to be a always faithful and fair company

Company Outline

Address Machida KK Bldg. No.302, Haramachida 2-8-1, Machida city, Tokyo, Japan,194-0013
Tel no 042-710-8232
Fax no 042-710-8242
Established 7th July,2000
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Employees Total 6 persons
Fabrication by partner company